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In the last decade, Africa’s upstream operations have spread from a historic focus on West Africa to be truly pan-continental. This is being driven by exploration in countries such as Ghana, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda where new oil and gas reserves have been discovered. Exploration also continues in Botswana,  Namibia, South Africa and beyond.

The discovery of hydrocarbons is changing many of these economies. Combined with increasing petroleum product demand as populations urbanise and economies industrialise, these discoveries are driving the oil and gas business across Africa. This will require significant capital, not only in upstream but also in midstream (including transportation and storage facilities) and downstream operations (including refineries and petrochemical plants).

Accessing the partners and capital to fund this ambitious expansion will be critical to the economic success of Africa. With our international reach and strategic focus on Africa, Standard Bank is well-positioned to be your primary financial partner in securing and structuring this enormous investment programme.

Our sector specialists have expertise in upstream, midstream and downstream which is critical to the development of our clients’ businesses across the continent in the years to come.

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  • Extensive presence in Africa – our on-the-ground presence in primary economies, from Ghana to Mozambique, gives us unmatched access to policy and decision makers who drive the development of the industry.
  • Balance sheet strength – we have balance sheets in all of these markets to support the operations of our clients.
  • Structured and customised solutions – We provide world-class sectoral structuring competencies where we leverage our understanding of common themes in the sector and customise each deal appropriately.
  • Ongoing financial support – through our local operations, we provide initial and ongoing financing support, and working capital facilities through our Transactional Products and Services teams. We have a leading forex capability to support the flow of funds across Africa and internationally.
  • Access international capital – with our presence in key financial centres, we access the most appropriate source of capital for each project, from Beijing to Boston and from London to Lagos.
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