Standard Bank Corporate and Investment Banking

We aim to be the leading corporate and investment banking business in, for and across Africa, with a deep specialisation in natural resources.

We provide services to governments, parastatals, larger corporates, financial institutions and international counterparties. We serve our clients’ local and cross-border requirements for banking, finance, trading, investment, risk management and advisory services. Through our motivated teams and fit-for-purpose operations, we strive to optimise value for all our stakeholders, and move Africa forward.

Financial solutions for your every banking need

Our business has developed in line with the increasingly sophisticated financing requirements in South Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. It has also developed in tandem with the globalisation of capital markets and rise of emerging markets as powerhouses of global economic growth.

We combine our specialist product expertise, strong local capacity and global distribution reach to provide solutions that are fit-for-purpose and highly relevant. As an emerging markets bank, we understand financial systems at different levels of maturity and markets at different stages of development.

Connecting Africa to a world of opportunity

Standard Bank has the experience, skill and relationships to assist our clients negotiate the often challenging and complex financial and regulatory cross-border environments in Africa and beyond. Local teams and in-depth research drive our deep understanding of market dynamics in countries with rapidly developing economies.

Leveraging our on-the-ground expertise, we customise our leading banking capability to local needs and conditions. This is strengthened by our strong relationships with governments, regulators, key industry players and investors in all the countries in which we have a presence.

Through our on-the-ground presence, local insight and proven experience in emerging markets, we connect individuals, businesses and nations in, for and across Africa to opportunities that move them forward.

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