Personal, Business and Commercial banking

Personal, Business and Commercial Banking offers banking and other financial services to individual customers and businesses – from small to large enterprises in South Africa and 17 countries in sub-Saharan Africa. We strive to continuously maintain high standards of service to our customers.

We aim to grow our presence selectively in high potential markets in Africa and in other emerging markets, either organically or by acquisitions, where appropriate.

We offer a range of solutions to our customers – from the most basic to the most sophisticated of financial services – and ensure that our customers’ requirements are always met through the most cost effective and convenient method.

Our products and services include:

Transactional banking

  • We offer a number of transactional account options to suit your needs, whether your need is a simple current account or something that offers a much more personalized service offering.
  • Credit Cards- we offer a range of credit cards to suit your lifestyle. Each of which offer a distinct range of benefits.
  • Forex- we offer you convenient, safe and cost effective forex solutions to satisfy their specific needs


  • We enable you to move forward by providing them with simple and convenient access to loans. Whether your need is for a short term personal loan, overdraft facility or for a longer term loan for a property or a vehicle or other asset we are able to structure a deal specific to your requirements.


  • Enabling you to save for the future is importance to us. We offer you a range of savings and investment products. We offer competitive rates, flexibility and on certain products don’t charge any fees or commissions. We also have our Financial Consultants who can advise you of the more complex investment instruments that will help them grow their wealth and help engineer a bespoke financial plan for them.


  • We realize that as important as it is to create wealth it is just as important to protect it. We offer you a variety of insurance solutions from short term car & home insurance, business insurance, accident and health, funeral plan and even death, disability, dreaded disease and salary protection cover. It is a truly comprehensive insurance offering. Further to that we offer comprehensive fiduciary services including, setting up and managing trusts, drafting and registering of wills and estate planning.

To read more about our offering in-country, navigate to the relevant country website via the link on our Worldwide presence page.

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