Save for short-term goals

Planning for short-term goals or emergencies before they happen will lessen your financial  stress Here's how to save your money and be WalletWise.  Surviving month to month is no fun. Not having enough money for things you want or life's little emergencies can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. Avoid that financial burden by saving for short-term goals. They take less time and are easier to reach.    

Follow these three golden tips on saving: 
1. Spend less than you earn 
2. Pay yourself, before you pay anyone else 
3. Make savings a habit  

7 Ways to save for short-term goals 
1. Focus on your costs that need your immediate attention. Set aside money for your essentials like groceries, rent/bond, electricity, water and transport.  
2. Pay your insurance policies as they will save you in times of trouble. 
3. Cut your expenses down. Start by packing your own lunch every day. You could save a lot of money by doing so. 
4. Check your credit rating and pay off your debt first. A clean credit record will help you get a loan when you need it. 
5. Save rather than pay off interest in loans. Avoid borrowing money and save for things you know are coming up – like holidays, new school uniforms etc. 
6. Check your bank accounts. See if you can save money on service fees and subscription costs by finding the bank account that is right for you. 
7. Plan for the future. Take out a comprehensive retirement plan and put money away for affordable insurance that will benefit both you and your family.   Being WalletWise is about planning and saving for the future you.  Start small and soon you will be a pro at making your money work for you.