Protect yourself against fraud!

It is very important to look after your money so that nobody can steal it from you! Criminals are always coming up with new ways to try and get their hands on your hard-earned cash, but you can help keep your money safe and reduce your chances of becoming a victim by following these hints and tips:

At shops or ATMs:

  • Don’t carry too much cash around. If you do have cash, don’t show it to other people! 
  • If you think somebody is following you, go straight to the nearest police station. 
  • Don’t talk to strangers in ATM queues or let strangers help you at an ATM. They could be trying to see your card number or PIN. 
  • If you feel worried, or if you don’t think the ATM is working properly, cancel the transaction IMMEDIATELY and report it to the bank. 
  • Register for SMS notifications on your bank account so you can keep track of your transactions.

On the computer:

Make sure your passwords include both small letters and capital letters, as well us numbers and other characters – and change your password often. 

NEVER give your usernames, passwords or PIN to anyone via email, by fax or by phone.

Never enter your email username and password on any link you receive via email. Criminals can create emails which seems to be from the actual company, tricking you. 

Don’t use public computers for banking. 

Ensure you have a reliable anti-virus software on your computer. Always log out of Internet banking or other accounts and do not leave the computer while you’re logged on.

IMPORTANT: To make sure your cards and other banking details are safe, don’t let your cards out of your sight, and NEVER tell your PIN to anyone. Always check your bank statements regularly, and if you suspect any type of fraud on your account, report it to your bank immediately!

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