Where to find help or more information on Banking

The beneficiaries will be able to

  • Search for information
  • Follow basic procedures to search/report matters

As consumers, we need to keep ourselves informed about the laws, products, services provided, our rights and responsibilities.

  • We therefore need to know the following
  • Where to look for more information
  • Who to consult for more information
  • How to look for more information
  • How to access some facilities (cell phone banking or banking Apps)

You first have to be clear what information, or service area is relevant

  • Do you need a product?
  • Do you need a service provider?
  • Do you need to follow up?
  • Do you need to complain?
  • Do you need to report something?
  • Do you need advice on financial matters?

Most financial institutions have the following

  • Call centres where you can call for your query (always ask for a reference number)
  • Websites where you can send queries or get more information. You need a device that can connect to the internet (phone, computer or tablet)
  • Consultants at the branches

For other services

You can use the telephone directory services to get contact for

  • Various ombudsmen (explain ombudsman)
  • Credit bureaus
  • National Credit Regulator
  • Debt counsellors
  • Financial Services Board
  • Legal Aid Board
  • And many more services depending on your need

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