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Attorney’s Trust Account

Attorney’s Trust Account

Manage the funds you hold in trust with an account designed for convenience and compliance

  • Accurate financial records
  • Interest paid on account balances
  • Compliant with law societies

Pay as you transact

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About Attorney’s Trust Account

How it works

How it works

  • Safekeeping of funds and disbursement by cheque or electronic payments
  • Monthly statements to help with account reconciliation and record-keeping
  • Credit interest is earned on all funds deposited into the account
  • Automated facility deducts net interest and sweeps it to your choice of law society
  • This account is designed to meet the needs of practicing attorneys and firms who need to hold client deposits
  • It’s governed by the Attorney’s Fidelity Fund and law societies to ensure compliance with all legal requirements
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What you get

What it costs

  • There’s no opening deposit or minimum balance required
  • With pay as you bank pricing, only pay for what you use
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What you need to qualify

  • You need to be a registered attorney who holds and manages client funds
  • Trust accounts must be regulated by Section 78(1) of the Attorneys Act 53 of 1979

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