Diners Club Courier Card

For convenient settlement of courier and freight-related expenses

If your business relies on freight and courier services, or you are a courier company seeking faster payment, then a Diners Club Courier Card can assist in easing administrative burdens. As the supplier, you receive immediate settlement of your invoice while as the customer, you have more control over your cash flow with up to 55 days’ interest-free credit payment terms.

A Diners Club Courier Card may suit your business if:

  • Greater control of courier and freight transactions is needed
  • You’re a courier company looking for immediate settlement of your accounts
  • You need to free up cash flow during a month with convenient settlement terms
  • A consolidated monthly view of all your transactions is a necessity

Features and benefits

  • The Diners Club Courier Card is lodged at your preferred courier company and enables you to closely monitor transactions via their order numbers
  • The courier company receives full payment immediately, while you have up to 55 days, interest-free, in which to settle the Card
  • Only the nominated courier company may process transactions. These are also available via e-mail or a CSV data feed that opens into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or integrates into your accounting software, saving capturing time
  • Your pro-forma invoices can be faxed daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly to assist in recording transactions
  • Comprehensive Management Information Reports help you accurately budget and forecast, and assist with negotiating corporate rates with preferred suppliers


How to apply

  • Contact an account executive.