Diners Club Virtual Card

Increase card payment security with a once-off virtual card for travelling employees

If card security is a concern for your business, our Diners Club Virtual Card solution enables you to issue once-off cards to your employees or travel suppliers. This card reduces administration burdens and payment costs, and decreases the need to reveal card information to third parties.

Diners Club Virtual Card may suit your business if:

  • Not all of your employees have a card in wallet to settle bills
  • You want a safe and secure payment solution that does not reveal sensitive card information
  • You want greater control over your employee travel spend

The Diners Club Virtual Card is a ground-breaking card solution that reduces the need to distribute card information to third parties; providing you with greater control over your business’s travel expenditure.

Features and benefits

  • Apply for a card via the Standard Bank Business Banking portal
  • Send Virtual Card details to your travel supplier, enabling them to verify travel bookings
  • Give your travelling employees the Diners Club Virtual Card details as part of their itinerary

How to apply

  • Contact an account executive.


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