Garage Card

Improved control over employee on-the-road expenses

If you or your employees travel frequently by road, and need a convenient payment solution for fuel, oil, repairs, toll fees, maintenance, spares and other vehicle-related expenses, then Standard Bank’s Garage Card provides an efficient corporate card solution for your business. A Garage Card enables you to take control of expenditure and conveniently manage motoring-related expenses.

A Garage Card may suit your business if:

  • You or your employees regularly travel by road, and you want to control vehicle-related expenses
  • You don’t want to give drivers cash
  • You need detailed transaction reconciliation reports to better manage your company expenses


Your Standard Bank Garage Card can be conveniently linked to your multi-user Corporate Card Account for easy monthly reconciliation.

Features and benefits
  • Cards are issued in the name of the regular driver
  • Cards are swiped at merchants

How to apply

  • Contact an account executive.

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