Procurement Card

Improve your cash flow with a Procurement Card solution.

A Procurement Card offers a B2B integrated purchasing and payment system designed to simplify your procurement processes. This card payment solution enables immediate settlement to suppliers. You’ll receive up to 37 days’ interest-free settlement periods and the card links to an auditable online expense management tool to improve control of your day-to-day expenditure.

A Procurement Card may suit your business if:

  • Your business makes high-volume, low-value purchases throughout the month
  • You wish to free up your monthly cash flow with convenient settlement terms
  • You need greater control over your day-to-day expenditure, with detailed information on all purchases


The Procurement Card allowa you to block spend types and apply limits to specific transactions, giving you more.

Features and benefits

  • Your Procurement Card can either be a plastic issued card or as a virtual card within a procurement ecosystem
  • You can include the Procurement Card within your ERP to enable low-value purchases
  • The supplier receives immediate settlement
  • Up to 37 days’ interest-free credit helps you reduce costs and manage your cash flow more effectively
  • Access high-level information that provides you with detailed information on your purchases

How to apply

  • Contact an account executive.

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