Cash Withdrawals

For your Cash Withdrawal requirements, Standard Bank offers the following services: 

  • Direct debit – the bank debits your account with the value of your cash withdrawal request 
  • Cash-for-cash swop–you give cash in the form of bank notes in exchange for smaller or other denominations. 

You can request a cash withdrawal for: 

  • Change 
  • Payroll and/or
  • Floats. 


Your account will be debited before Standard Bank dispatches the money

Features & Benefits

  • Standard Bank’s Cash Centres will prepare change requisitions according to your requirements
  • You will receive the consignment according to the denominational specification you provided
  • A Cash-In-Transit (CIT) service provider will bring it to you when they come to collect your cash.
  • Simple and effective way to manage change requirements
  • Convenient, secure, pre-packed and delivered.

How to apply

  • Contact your account executive
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.