Value Hosting

Access your funds in real-time

Value-Hosting offers near real-time credit to your bank account as soon as the canister has been removed from the device by the Cash–In–Transit company, giving you quicker access to your cleared funds.

A Value-Hosting solution may suit your business if:

  • You want quicker access to cleared funds which improves cashflow management

Features and benefits

  • There is no access to cash once dropped, as the bag is heat sealed prior to the safe opening
  • Once the tamper evident bag is removed from the device, a transmission of the total value per bag is sent to the bank for credit to your nominated account
  • The account is credited in near real-time, enabling access to the funds depending on the account profile
  • Ownership of the cash is passed to Standard Bank while the risk remains with you, but cash can be covered by insurance


  • Upfront Credit approval will be required
  • Autosafe device will be supplied and maintained by the bank
  • CIT will be managed by the bank
  • End to End insurance is required and held with SBSA. Insurance would need to be concluded with the bank

How to apply

  • Contact your account executive
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.