Instant Money Bulk Payments

With Instant Money Bulk Payments, your business can easily pay seasonal employees, casual workers, cash suppliers and other cash allowances. No more queues or cash handling.

How it works

Easier payments

  • Pay directly from your business account to a cellphone number, either through a secure web portal, or through host-to-host integration
  • Capture recipient details individually, or in bulk by uploading a spreadsheet
  • Payments are captured and approved according to defined segregation of duty and levels of authority

Simpler reporting and reconciliation

  • Track Instant Money Bulk Payment usage through system-generated reports

Stronger security

  • Fewer employees who handle cash, or recipients leaving your premises with cash

Lower costs

  • Minimise costs on security, administration and control of cash

How to get it

Complete and send the form

  • Complete the Instant Money Bulk payments onboarding form. Send an email to, call 086 046 6639, or contact your Standard Bank representative
  • Send the completed form back the above email address, or your Standard Bank representative


Getting started

  • We’ll create an an Instant Money Bulk Payments profile for you, and your representative will contact you to complete the set up and provide the relevant training
  • All you need is internet access. You don’t need any specific equipment

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