Opening an account has never been easier

If you are an existing Standard Bank customer, you can now apply for an Elite, Prestige or Consolidator current account online with our new Internet banking platform.

Apply anytime, wherever you are. No branch visits, no queues, no hassle. If you qualify for one of our cheque card options, we’ll deliver your card to you for free. No documents to complete and no papers to sign. That’s right, a complete paperless process.
You’ll get an immediate response to your application and your account will be activated within 24 hours. Your new account will automatically be linked to your Internet banking profile so you can transact on it as soon as it’s activated.

Here’s how it works
Follow these easy steps to open an account online:
• Sign in to our new Internet banking platform
• Select Apply for Account on the home page
• Select the Product you would like to apply for and  follow the easy steps to  complete your application  
• Confirm that all your  information is correct
• Accept the terms and conditions.

You will now receive an SMS to confirm that your account was indeed completed successfully. Once your account is activated, we will contact you to confirm your card delivery address.

• Please make sure you are FICA (Financial Intelligence Centre Act) compliant before you apply.
• In other words, if your address has changed, please visit your nearest branch to submit proof of your new residential address and identity (your South African Identity book or passport).
• It’s free to open an account.
• Product fees and charges still apply.

When you’re online, you’re in control. Say goodbye to queues, paperwork and traffic!


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