SARS efiling

Follow the easy steps listed below to setup your Standard Bank account on the SARS eFiling website.

  1. Log on to the SARS eFilling website and provide your login credentials. 
  2. On the Home tab, select Banking Details under the User Options to setup your banking details.
  3. Select the Credit Push option and complete the following information:Account Name: Select the type of account you have with Standard Bank

    Credit Push: Select the channel that will be used process the payment i.e. Standard Bank (myBills)

    Account Number: Enter the account number to be used to make payment.

    Account Type: Select the account type for the account used to make the payment.

  4. Once completed, save the details.

Once you have submitted your returns, you will now be able to pay your SARS bill on the Internet Banking website.

Retrieving your 2016 tax certificate via Internet Banking.

You can also now retrieve your tax certificate via internet banking by following these simple steps. Log in to Internet banking and:

  1. Click ‘statements’
  2. Click ‘IT3b’
  3. Click ‘Select’
  4. Click ‘Retrieve’

Pay your account using MyBills on Standard Bank Internet Banking


The Standard Bank MyBills facility enables you to pay your bills electronically.

Standard Bank South Africa uses your account number, identity document (ID) number, company registration number or Passport Number to retrieve your bills as issued by SARA.

Services available to you 

 You may:

  • add SARS as a biller;
  • view your bills;
  • pay your bills;
  • view a list of billers on your bill payments profile;
  • delete billers from your profile; and
  • view the last five payments made to SARS.


You can:

  • settle your outstanding bills 24 hours a day;
  • save time. No need to queue at SARS offices;
  • pay your bills where and when it is most convenient for you;
  • have access to your bills wherever there is an internet connection; and
  • retrieve new bills from SARS when they become available.

Target market 

MyBills can be used by anyone with a Standard Bank account and has access to Internet/Online banking.


Your personal information is not at risk at any point for the period of the Internet banking session.

Top Tip: Payments must be authorised before 18:00 on any given business day, to ensure the payment is reflected by the intended payment day.

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