Provisional statements
Receive a provisional statement for any account linked to your card. This includes PlusPlan and E Plan accounts, MasterCard accounts, home loans and Revolving Credit Plan accounts.

Transaction history statements
You can access a 180-day transaction history on your loan, current, savings and investment accounts linked to your card. All you need to do is specify the start and end date of your history statements and we do the rest.

Statement download
Once you are banking online you can download your statements to your computer. You can download your statements as either CSV files (viewable in Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access or Pastel accounting) or QIF files (viewable in Microsoft Money, Quicken, and Brilliant accounting packages).

Statement sort
Your statements can be sorted into groups to help you keep track of your money. You can sort your transactions by ascending date, amount or alphabetical order. They can also be sorted into debit and credit types. You simply tailor the service to suit your needs.

Emailing of balances and statements
You can register to have daily, weekly and monthly balances and provisional statements on your current and savings accounts emailed to you. The message is sent in a secure format so you need to download the decoder on the Internet banking home page. You need to register for this service within Internet banking and create a password to access your encrypted statement.

IT3(b) statements
This is a certificate applicable to any account ie current, savings and general deposit accounts that earns interest above a certain threshold . This certificate enables you to be knowledgeable about how much interest to declare, and to submit it as proof to the South African Revenue Service (SARS). Each year SARS specifies an amount above which the individual must declare the income - this is known as the threshold. You can view, print and/or download IT3(b) certificates in PDF format.



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