Bonds and Guarantees

Reduce your credit and performance risk

From time to time your business may need to submit performance guarantees to show that you are able to honour your commitments. A Guarantee provides peace of mind to sellers that have difficulty in assessing buyers’ ability to pay for goods or services rendered. It mitigates risks related to non-payment.

Guarantee solutions may suit your business if:

  • Your trading partners want proof that you are able to pay for goods or services
  • You are trading with new partners for the first time
  • You need to mitigate risks associated with non-payment

A Guarantee will assist your business in mitigating the risks associated with trading with new or cross-border partners. It provides peace of mind for both buyer and seller, ensuring that goods or services are delivered on time and that monies will be paid on time.

Features and benefits

  • Trade with businesses more confidently, by knowing their financial standing up front
  • Can be used as a performance guarantee, bid bond, advance payment guarantee, customs bond, or fuel guarantee

What type of guarantees can Standard Bank offer?

Guarantees that we can provide include:

  • Performance guarantee
  • Bid bond
  • Advance payment guarantee
  • Customs bond
  • Fuel guarantee

How to apply

  • Need access to Guarantee solutions? Contact your account executive.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.

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