Engineering Insurance

Hassle-free insurance solutions for your engineering needs

With an Engineering Insurance solution, you can choose to cover your plant equipment or engineering machinery, as well as protect against losses from unwanted breakdowns. Our consultants will conduct a needs analysis with you to understand the amount and types of cover you need.

Engineering Insurance may suit your business if:

  • You are a contractor and would like to mitigate your building and civil engineering risks
  • You have plant equipment working in hazardous environments
  • You need cover for loss of income in the event of electrical or mechanical breakdown


Engineering Insurance covers you in the event of your equipment breaking down. You can also choose to protect against loss of stock, damage to electronic equipment, or public liability attached to contracting or plant equipment failures.

Features and benefits

  • An insurance broker conducts a full needs analysis to ensure all your risks are addressed
  • Customise your cover to meet your needs analysis as well as your risk appetite



What type of Insurance solutions does Standard Bank offer for my engineering business needs?

We provide comprehensive insurance solutions as follows:

  • Contractors all risks: Covers all types of building and civil engineering construction
  • Plant all risks: covers loss of or damage to plant equipment used in the construction industry, for example, mobile cranes, tower cranes, bulldozers and smaller capital equipment
  • Public liability attached to contractors and Plant all risks
  • Machinery breakdown: Caters for sudden and unforeseen electrical or mechanical breakdowns and the resulting loss of profits
  • Deterioration of stock: Covers stock deterioration resulting from machinery breakdown
  • Electronic equipment: Loss of or damage to electronic equipment, including computers, servers, PABX systems, portable equipment and IT infrastructure


How to apply

  • Need Engineering Insurance? Contact your account executive.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.

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