Events Liability

The Safety at Sports and Recreational Events Act 2 of 2010 requires that event managers and organisers have measures in place to safeguard the physical well-being and safety of individuals and property at sport, recreational, religious, cultural, exhibition, organisational or similar events held at stadiums, venues or along a route.

Events cover

  • Public liability
  • Product liability
  • Employer liability

Extensions include

  • Wrongful arrest and defamation
  • Damage to leased or rented property
  • Legal defence costs
  • Emergency medical expenses
  • Claims preparation costs
  • Member-to-member liability
  • Collapse of temporary construction and scaffolding

Cancellation and abandonment insurance

Cancellation and abandonment insurance covers any expenses or revenue you might forfeit if the event is cancelled, abandoned or postponed because of unexpected reasons beyond your control. We understand the financial implications that can arise, and we can help you to get the following cover:

  • Cancellation due to adverse weather
  • Cancellation due to non-appearance of an artist or performer

Additional risks such as terrorism and national mourning can also be considered.

Prize indemnity insurance

This covers contingent prizes on behalf of sponsors or promoters. Prize indemnity insurance allows the sponsor, promoter or organiser to offer a large risk-free prize for only a fraction of the cost.

Prizes include:

  • Hole-in-one
  • Tagged fish
  • Chance wins

How to apply

  • Need Events Liability Insurance? Contact your account executive.
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