Financial Planning

Standard Bank Financial Consultancy is dedicated to helping you achieve financial well-being by ensuring that you keep your business risks down and that your business thrives in the future through dedicated financial planning and long term insuring. 

We help you prepare if problems arise if your business's owner, partners, shareholders or members should die, become disabled or retire. 

We'll do a business needs analysis with you and recommend a long term business assurance solution that will solve your particular business's needs if any of this should happen. 

If your answer to any of the below questions is yes, we recommend that you speak to a financial planner who will do a detailed business needs analysis for you and recommend solutions to ensure your business remains sustainable.

Request a Call Back or SMSPLAN’ and your name to 31791 and we will contact you.

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Standard Bank Financial Consultancy is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 3825).

  • Does your business have an overdraft?

    • If so, what would happen to your business's credit facilities if you or a business partner were to die?
  • Has anyone in your business signed a personal guarantee to raise funds for the business?

    • If so, what would happen to your personal estate if you were to die?
  • Does your business have a mortgage bond over a property?

    • How are you protecting this valuable asset in the event of your or a business partner’s untimely death? 
    • Does the success of your business depend on the skills, experience and training of key staff members? 
    • What would happen if one of these key staff members became disabled or died?
    • Would your business be able to withstand the loss in profit? 
    • What are you doing to make sure you don't lose your key staff? 
    • Is your plan of action tax- and cost-efficient?
  • Do you have a business partner?

    • What would happen to the business if this person should die or become disabled?
    • Are you prepared to liquidate or re-organise your business if this happens?
  • Do you still need to make provision for you and your staff members to retire comfortably?

    • Has this been planned for?

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