Loans and Finance

To operate and grow, you require access to working capital and lending solutions. We are positioned to assist you with your cash flow management and short-term finance needs, by providing you with funding solutions for capital expenditures and longer-term financing.

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Business Overdraft

A Business Overdraft provides a short-term credit facility for immediate access to additional funds.

Business Revolving Credit Plan
A Business Revolving Credit Plan offers you a short- to mid-term line of credit to use as and when your business requires it.

Business Term Loan
A Business Term Loan provides access to funds for up to 10 years to purchase longer-term fixed assets or for growth capital.

Medium Term Loan
A Medium Term Loan facility offers you a customised lending solution with a fixed maturity period between 3 and 10 years.

Debtor Finance
Debtor Finance is a fast and flexible solution to improve your cash flow. We will advance a portion of the funds owed to you by your clients on invoices due. All you need is a valid invoice and proof of delivery for the work done.

Commercial Property Finance
By partnering with Standard Bank we can build an understanding of your commercial property business requirements. We evaluate both you and your property to find the right solution to suit your specific financing requirements.

Vehicle and Asset Finance
Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance is one of the leading vehicle and capital equipment financiers for business in South Africa. Our dedicated team of experts will assist you with financing any vehicle or asset and can arrange a comprehensive funding package to suit your unique needs.

A Guarantee is a supplementary agreement that supports commercial contracts by providing trading partners with the flexibility to reduce credit and performance risk.


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