Business Overdraft

Your funds are available when your business needs quick and convenient access

A Business Overdraft is the ideal way to manage your cash flow and make provision for unforeseen expenses. This lending solution is individually tailored to meet your short-term finance needs, and is available whenever you need a short-term credit facility between receiving your collections and making payments.

A Business Overdraft may suit your business if:

  • You have a Standard Bank Business Current Account
  • You need quick and convenient access to funds for unforeseen circumstances, or for access to an overdraft facility before you receive collections

Features and benefits

  • Deposits and withdrawals from the Business Overdraft Account may be made at any time, provided the debit balance on the account does not exceed the arranged limit
  • There is no need to transfer funds as you are able to draw directly from your business current account


Do I need a business account to apply for the Business Overdraft?
You must have a Standard Bank Business Current Account to apply for a Business Overdraft.

When is my overdraft facility repayable?

The overdraft facility is repayable on demand and is reviewed annually.

How to apply

  • Already have a Business Current Account? Contact your account executive.
  • Complete the form below and a consultant will call you back.