Need finance in the future

If you have your Standard Bank account for more than six months, you may not need to give financial information when you apply for an overdraft or loan. We will determine a facility for you by assessing, among other things, how you manage your account and your business's turnover.

  • Sole proprietors with a Business AutoBank card can apply via our electronic banking channels, such as AutoPlus, Internet or telephone banking. You can also visit your nearest branch.
  • Partnerships, close corporations and private companies must go to a branch and complete a suretyship form.

If the amount we agree to does not meet your requirements, our Business Bankers will gladly help you to apply for a higher amount. We will need the following information:

Information and documents

Financial information

  • Financial statements of the business
  • Personal statement of assets and liabilities for all partners, members or directors
  • Projected income and expenditure statement
  • Cash flow forecast
  • Amount and source of the owner's contribution or stake in the business
  • How will you use the money? For example, capital expenditure or working capital
  • Sales and purchases budgets


Documents required if you want to buy an existing business

  • Copy of deed of sale or draft deed
  • Draft or signed lease agreement for premises, or proposed or draft agreement


Collateral information

  • Details of proposed or offered collateral



  • Credit bureau checks of business and partners