Standard Insurance Limited (SIL) Top Up

Protects the customer from any major financial setback that may occur should their comprehensive insurance payout (at market value) not be enough to settle their bank loan:

  • And/or didn't replace their deposit for a new car
  • And/or pay their comprehensive excess
  • And/or their claim was refused because they unintentionally violated a condition of their policy
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    Benefits to the customer are:

    • Credit shortfall cover protects customers against financial loss due to theft or total write off, where the difference between the payout from the comprehensive policy is less than the outstanding loan amount owing to vehicle and asset finance; and
    • Deposit protector with a built in excess protector 
    • Return to Invoice covers actual replacement of the vehicle in that the customer is paid the difference between the shortfall amount paid by Top Up and the original selling (invoice ) price as at the date of purchase within the first 2 (two) years of the Finance Agreement
    • Instalment Protector pays the customer’s monthly Instalment (up to a maximum of R18 000 per month or the actual instalment, whichever is the lesser) until the underlying comprehensive policy claim is settled, or if the underlying comprehensive policy repudiates the claim for a maximum of 2 (two) monthly instalments.
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    Tel: 011 858 5121/2
    Fax: 011 858 7295

    The customer should contact Standard Bank Insurance Brokers within 60 days from the date that their comprehensive insurer settles or rejects their insurance claim.

    Central Claims Office
    Group Insurance Services
    P O Box 31435

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    • Our pricing is competitive and determined by the criteria set out by SBIB and the risk factors relating to the asset insured.

    Payment Option

    • The monthly Top Up premium is bolted onto the customer's vehicle and asset finance monthly debit order. The customer has the option to pay the premium annually, which they pay upfront for a period of 12 months directly to Standard Bank Insurance Brokers

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