Financial Lease

This finance facility allows the customer to use an asset while paying for it over an agreed period. Ownership does not pass automatically once the final payment is made, but is one of the options available to the customer.

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    • Initial payment is negotiable* (Subject to equity requirements as dictated by SBVAF)
    • Deposits are negotiable
    • Period of agreement is negotiable
    • Balloon payment is negotiable
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    Legal Entities
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    • Customers obtain and use goods without affecting their cash flow since we pay in full for the goods or asset
    • Customers requiring the goods for business use may claim depreciation on their taxable income in the fiscal year Customers can have flexible payment structures
    • Where balloon payments are built into the agreement, customer’s cash flow affordability is increased as the month-to-month cash flows (excluding balloon payment) are lower than those for a similar financial structure without balloon payment
    • Hedge against inflation as the customer can acquire the asset now rather than save over the long term
    • Car allowance customers will be liable for recoupment tax in terms of Section 8(4) when the asset is sold for a price in excess of the tax value
    • In the case of professionals, sole proprietors, close corporations and companies, the asset should be capitalised in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP) and the liability reflected on the balance sheet.

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