IT3(b) certificates FAQ

What is an IT3(b) certificate?
It is a certificate produced annually for every account that has received credit interest. It states how much interest was earned during the tax year (March to February).

When do I receive an IT3(b) certificate?
From the tax year-end, at the end of February each year

Will I receive at least one IT3(b) certificate?
An IT3(b) will only be generated if the account has received credit interest. Where the interest amount is above the SARS threshold, we will mail IT3(b) certificates to you. In 2005 this threshold was R350 for the year. You do not receive mailed IT3(b)s for accounts with interest below the threshold.

How long do you keep IT3(b) certificates?
All IT3(b) certificates are stored electronically for 10 years.

For which tax years can IT3(b) certificates be retrieved via Internet banking?
Copies of certificates are available from 2005 onwards.

How are IT3(b) certificates generated?
They are generated from interest-bearing accounts.

For which products can IT3(b) certificates be retrieved ?
Investment (general deposit), savings and current accounts.

What is a threshold?
A threshold can be defined as an amount that if exceeded, certain rules would apply. In the context of IT3(b) certificates, the threshold is the amount determined by SARS, that if exceeded, you are liable to pay tax. If an account earns interest above the prescribed threshold, you are liable for declaring it on your annual tax return.

Is there a charge for this service via Internet banking?
There is no charge for IT3(b) certificates.

Where can I get information before 2005?
Contact our Provincial Customer Care Centre (PCCC) on 0860 101 341.

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