Can anybody else access my accounts?

  • No one can access your accounts without your card number, CSP and password
  • Make sure that your card and PIN are not kept in the same place

How do I ensure that I am on the Standard Bank Internet Banking web site?

To connect securely to our Internet banking site follow these steps:

  • In the address bar type: "" and click on "Internet banking" link on the top right of the page. Ensure that. "https://" is part of the web address. This instructs the browser to make a secure connection to our Internet banking web server
  • Should you receive any errors with regard to the certificate when your browser attempts to establish the connection (see example below), terminate your connection and notify our Customer Contact Centre on 0860 123 000

Note: If you access the banking site through any other link, such as banners, you should be extra vigilant when checking certificates and web site addresses.

Once the connection has been established you need to verify the Standard Bank certificate.

How do I check my certificate if I am using Netscape Navigator 4.75 or higher?

To verify the certificate for Netscape Navigator when connecting to a Standard Bank secure site, follow the steps below:

  • Locate the lock icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the browser screen
  • Double-click on the lock icon
  • The certificate dialogue box will appear
  • Click on Open Page Info button
  • Ensure that it reads:
    Security: This is a secure document that uses a high-grade encryption key for U.S. domestic use only (RC4, 128 bit)
    Certificate: This certificate belongs to:* Information Security Services Member, VeriSign Trust Network Authenticated by SACA Terms of use at (c)00, Standard Bank of SA Limited Johannesburg, Gauteng, ZA

    This is your assurance that the certificate belongs to us

    * The number following "www" may vary from 1 to 30, or the address may simply appear as

Is the connection secure if I click the lock icon to view the certificate when connected to a secure site, and receive the following error message: "This certificate has failed to verify for all of its intended purposes"?

Yes, the connection is secure. Microsoft has these comments about the error message:

This can occur if Internet Explorer interprets a specific object ID in the contents of some Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) certificates.

This affects only the user interface; Internet Explorer still communicates using the secure connection. If you click the Certificate Path tab in the dialog box, you will see the message "This certificate is OK" in the Certificate Status box.

For more information visit the Microsoft or VeriSign sites:

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