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Opening a new account has never been easier or more convenient.


You can now apply for a Standard Bank current account, Revolving Credit Plan (RCP) and/or credit card using Internet banking!


You can open an account wherever you are, anytime, online. No branch visits, no queues and no hassle. And you'll have your cards delivered to you for free.


There are no documents to fill in and no papers to sign. That's right; it's a completely paperless process.


As an existing customer you can now apply for the following products easily through Internet banking:


  • Current accounts: Elite, Prestige or Young Professional accounts
  • Personal loan: Revolving Credit Plan (RCP)
  • Credit cards

You'll get a real-time response to your application and your account will be activated within two to three days (provided nothing is missing from your application). Your new account will be automatically linked to your Internet banking profile so you can transact on it as soon as it's been activated.


How it works:


Here's a step-by-step guide to opening an account online:


  • Login to Internet banking
  • Select 'Apply for Additional Account' on the home page
  • Select the relevant 'Product' icon and follow all the steps to complete the application
  • Once you've done that you'll need to confirm that the information is correct
  • Accept all the terms and conditions
  • You will receive an SMS or email to confirm that your application has been successfully completed



  • There are no FICA or KYC requirements as long as you are fully FICA compliant.
  • If you have changed your address, you may need to give proof of your new address to your nearest branch.
  • Opening the account is free
  • Product fees and charges still apply.

When you're online, you're in control. Say goodbye to queues, paperwork and traffic!


You can apply to have your overdraft limit increased or decreased. If your application is approved the funds are available immediately.

  • The interest you pay on your overdraft will not change if you increase the amount
  • The increase is subject to our credit scoring criteria
  • The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

step by step guide

Open accounts

Investments/Savings and Transactional accounts
If you have an AutoBank, Business or E Plan card ,you are able to open the following accounts: Call deposit accounts, Electronic fixed deposits, Electronic notice deposits, MoneyMarket Call Accounts and Savings accounts. These will only be available after 24hours from the time of opening them.

You can perform the following:

  • Transfer funds between your current and investment accounts
  • Give and cancel notice on notice deposit accounts
  • Amend interest disposal instructions on call, notice and fixed deposits
  • Amend capital disposal instructions on notice and fixed deposits
  • View statements and balances on all accounts
  • Transact on your savings accounts
  • For more information on call, notice or fixed deposits, click here.

step by step guide

Amend accounts

  • You are able to amend the interest disposal account on your electronic call deposit and your MoneyMarket Call Account.
  • You are able to amend the capital and disposal account on your electronic notice deposit.
  • You are able to amend the interest disposal arrangements and payment cycle on your electronic fixed deposit.

step by step guide

Manage Accounts
You have three options when managing a 32-day notice deposit account:

  • Give notice - you will be able to give notice by specifying a notice date.
  • View notice - you will be able to see the date and the amount specified.
  • Cancel notice - you will be able to cancel any notice that was given, provided that it is 24 hours before the specified notice date.

step by step guide

Stop payments
You can stop payments made by cheque or debit order.

step by step guide

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