Profile Details - is where we keep all your personal details. If your information changes we will need you to update it on this screen. This is also where you can change your charge account for Internet banking.

SMS Notifications - you can set up alerts for Internet banking logons, profile amends, adding a new beneficiary, amending an existing beneficiary, and for once-off payments.

Secure Message - You are able to send a secure message to your branch. Your message can include requests for a chequebook or to increase your payment limit. Your message will be sent to your branch in the evening and actioned the next working day. If your branch does not contact you about your request, you should contact them.

Usage Statistics - You are able to see statistics on, number of sign-ons, Transfers, Provisional statement views, Statement downloads, Transactional history view, Account payments, Sorted statement view and Letters to your branch.

Deregister - You can view deregistration contact details.