To use the service, you need:

  1. An open and valid unit trust account with STANLIB.
  2. You must be a registered Internet banking user.
  3. You must ensure that you have linked your STANLIB unit trust accounts to your card, to do this call the STANLIB contact centre on 0860 123 003

View Unit trust statements

  • Click on Unit Trusts (A list of all you unit trust accounts will display)
  • Select the Unit Trust account you want to view
  • Click Provisional
  • Your Unit trust statement will be displayed

    You can view up to 6 months provisional statements, History statements are not available

Switch Units

  • Click on Switch
  • Select the account you want to switch from and the account to switch to
  • Select Units or Rands
  • Enter the amount you want to switch
  • Click continue
  • Click confirm
  • View amount switched
  • Click print

    Please Note-
    1. You cannot switch into multiple unit trust accounts in one transaction.
    2. EAP limits do not apply
    3. You cannot switch more units/rands than you have available in the account

View Unit trust prices

  • Click on Unit Trusts
  • Click on Unit trusts prices
  • You can view/print or download Unit prices
  • Click on continue
  • View prices
  • Click "download" if you want to download the prices


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