You have to load your beneficiaries' account details to your card before you can start paying your accounts. You can do this by visiting your nearest branch. Alternatively, if you are an Internet banking user you can set up your beneficiaries online. Click here for more information.


You will have to link your beneficiaries, which could include retailers, friends and family to your card. Once you have loaded your beneficiaries you can pay them immediately. You may link up to 99 different company and private beneficiaries to your card.


  • Add companies as beneficiaries
    If you wish to pay a company, for example, Telkom, you have to obtain its beneficiary code. You can get this from one of our telephone banking consultants on 0860 123 108. If you are an Internet banking user you can obtain the code through Internet banking or at your nearest branch. Once you have the code and your beneficiary has been set up you simply dial 0860 123 108 to make your payment.

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  • Add private individuals as beneficiaries
    If you wish to pay private beneficiaries you need to create a two-digit beneficiary code to use when paying them, to do this, you need to visit your nearest branch. Alternatively, log on to Internet banking to set up your beneficiary online. Once the beneficiaries details are loaded, dial 0860 123 108 to make your payment.


  • Amend details and delete any of your beneficiaries
    Telephone banking also enables you to amend details or delete beneficiaries.

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Account payments
To make payments you need to have an electronic account payment (EAP) limit loaded to your account. You can increase your EAP limit by visiting your nearest 
branch. Once you have done this you are ready to start making payments.

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Payment confirmation

If you are registered for the Internet banking payment confirmation service, as a telephone banking user you can receive confirmation of your payments by SMS, fax and email.
To add or amend any payment confirmations, you will need to do that on the Internet banking site.

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