Fleet Management reports

Standard Bank Fleet Management offers you the ability to extract and sort data that suits your needs. You no longer have to wait until your cut-off date to get an idea of how much money has been spent for the month or how the fleet has performed operationally. What follows is a brief description of the various reporting formats and the functionality.

  • Generic reports

These are system generated reports that can be downloaded from the Internet or sent by email. There is a multitude of reports each serving a different purpose. These reports are available once a month, in static format.

  • FIMS (Fleet Information Management System)

FIMS is a web-based reporting system that gives you the latest information about the activity and costs of your fleet. This powerful reporting tool enables you to identify exceptions and problem areas in your fleet at a high level and allows you to click down to the specific cost centre, vehicle or transaction that raised the exception. You can also determine your own parameters within which you can measure your vehicles' activities and costs.

  • FleetSaver

FleetSaver is a reporting tool designed to give you a summarised and up-to-date view about activity and costs in your vehicle fleet. At inception, you will be prompted to go online to set up your FleetSaver preferences that will be emailed to you in a report, by selecting the information that is of interest to you. This report will then be emailed to you on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, as defined online by yourself. The foremost focus of FleetSaver is to provide you with a high level overview of some pertinent information regarding your fleet and based on the information received, you can go online to view more detail. All the information viewed online can be downloaded into Microsoft Excel.

  • StanFleet

StanFleet is an information management software package with up-to-date information in a mix of reports such as financial spreadsheets, exception reports, graphs and vehicle reports. You are able to view standard reports, export information to Excel or write your own reports and queries. You have the option to receive daily or monthly downloads of information.

  • Trendlines

Trendlines provides you with a visual summary of how your fleet has been performing over the last 12 months versus all of our customers' vehicles, with year-on-year comparison trends as well.

  • ECO2Fleet

ECO2Fleet is a web-based fleet management data collection and reporting service that measures and helps you to reduce your fleet's carbon footprint. This includes online monitoring and vehicle emission reporting aligned to the principles of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, a globally recognised accounting tool used to measure carbon emissions. The report compares the footprint of your fleet of vehicles to a manufacturer specification as well as to a national average, where the latter is based on similar vehicles of make, model, year model and odometer reading.

  • Transaction Authorisations

The Standard Bank Fleet Management System is able to validate and authorise fleet transactions (excluding toll transactions) on-line. The system also allows you to access your fleet of vehicles' transactions in real-time via the internet. This enables you to see all transactions processed for the day (approved or declined), as well as any transaction that was processed in the last 15 minutes.

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