Fleet Management Card

Our Fleet Management Card offers convenience and is a useful way of paying for, monitoring and controlling vehicle running costs.

Our fleet cards are available in many variations. The icons (pump for fuel, spanner for repairs and maintenance and a "T" for toll fees) displayed on the face of the card indentify what type of purchases the card is valid for.

Purchases and fees for all, or specifically grouped vehicles, are paid for through a central billing facility, which results in no separate payment per vehicle. The fleet account can be settled daily, weekly or monthly.

  • Each card is issued to a specific vehicle and not to a driver
  • It's a convenient and useful way of paying for fuel, oil, services, repairs, toll fees, tyres and insurance excesses
  • There are different types of cards that cater for various purchase types
  • A management tool to effectively manage financial, technical and operational cost
  • Transactional information is provided to you on a daily, weekly and/or monthly basis in various formats
  • Transactions are authorised at forecourt and workshop point of sale terminals.


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