Managed Maintenance

Managed Maintenance is a unique maintenance monitoring system whereby we manage vehicle maintenance and repair costs by providing proactive authorisations to dealers for services and repairs or tyre replacements in line with budgets set for specific make and model vehicles, or in line with your fleet policy.


Each vehicle is issued with an ID disk (similar to a vehicle's licence disk sticker), which is attached to the windscreen. The ID disk enables the dealership to identify that the vehicle is managed by Standard Bank Fleet Management. The method is card-less to prevent the bypassing of the authorisation process.


  • All services and maintenance are pre-authorised
  • We negotiate costs with the dealer and only pay for authorised work
  • Fixed monthly payment, or pay as you use.


  • Technical advice from industry specialists
  • No unnecessary parts are fitted and no unnecessary work is carried out
  • Ensure that the correct prices are charged for parts and labour rates are negotiated
  • Volume discounts are obtained
  • A tax invoice is produced monthly for easy VAT claims
  • Warranty and policy claims are made where applicable
  • A predetermined policy and procedures document ensures that we only authorise transactions that you are satisfied with.

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