Personal Motorcard

The Personal Motorcard has been designed to provide you, the individual vehicle owner, with all the benefits of a Fleet Management Card.

  • Convenience
    The Personal Motorcard is accepted country-wide and can be used to pay for fuel and oil expenses, repair and maintenance, tyres and toll fees. You can have up to a maximum of four cards linked to your account.
  • Expenditure Control
    Your Personal Motorcard provides you with monthly reports, delivered to you electronically, reflecting all the purchases made through the use of your card. This will enable you to see and control your total monthly vehicle related expenditure.
  • Security
    Your Personal Motorcard can be used to cover your variable vehicle expenses, so there is little or no need for you to carry around large amounts of cash.
  • Prevention of fraud
    As your Personal Motorcard can only be used for expenses on your specific motor vehicle, the risk of your card being fraudulently used is reduced. However, if your card is lost or stolen you will be covered against fraudulent use, once you have notified us.
  • Ease of payment
    Payment of your account will be by monthly debit order.
  • Tax records
    At tax year-end you will receive a Fiscal Year Expense Statement which may be submitted for tax purposes. This report is a summary of all your vehicle expenses incurred through your Personal Motorcard for the year. It also shows the kilometres travelled in that tax year, and is accepted by the Receiver of Revenue as proof of actual expenses and kilometres travelled for income tax purposes.
  • Affordability
    Your Personal Motorcard comes at a low cost. The benefits you receive will far outweigh our low monthly charge. The reports we provide will also enable you to ensure that your vehicle is performing optimally at all times, thereby saving you even more.
  • Unrestricted access
    Use of our Personal Motorcard is available to individual vehicle owners irrespective of whether your vehicle is new or used. It is also available to you even if you do not use Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance's finance facilities.


How to get a Personal Motorcard?

It's so easy, just complete an application form available from our Personal Motorcard department on 0860 106 249 or via email . Once your application has been credit assessed and approved, we will forward your Personal Motorcard to you.



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