Value-added services

Roadside assistance

To minimise inconvenience and downtime associated with roadside emergencies, you will have access to appropriate services 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The services offered include:

  • Mechanical or accident breakdown of your vehicle
  • Changing a flat or damaged tyre
  • Jumpstarting your vehicle due to a flat battery
  • Providing fuel when running out of fuel
  • Keys locked in a vehicle.

Accident management

Managing the accident repair process on your behalf to help ensure that vehicles are repaired speedily, correctly and at the lowest possible cost.

Short term rentals

Short term rental/replacement vehicles are available in case of loss of use of your vehicle (accident, write-off, maintenance, hijack or theft) or for business travel purposes at very competitive rental rates negotiated with leading rental companies.

Rental vehicles can be booked during office hours and the vehicle will be available within 24 hours. A complete range of passenger and commercial vehicles (up to 8 ton) are available at competitive rates.

Driver training

  • In-vehicle driver training

A service to assess and train drivers in their own work environment in the vehicle that they use daily. This helps to ensure that drivers look after the company's vehicles and reduce accident costs.

  • On-line driver training

On-line driver training is a program designed to reduce the risk of accidents and improving the overall safety and well-being of drivers. This state-of-the-art online system application offered through one of our preferred service providers is a diagnostic tool designed to identify high-risk drivers based on testing drivers' ability to identify potentially dangerous situations that happen every day on the roads.

Vehicle tracking

Negotiated vehicle tracking options with various service providers to enable you to facilitate driver and vehicle management as well as vehicle recovery in cases of vehicle theft.

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