Standard Bank has provided financial services to the agricultural sector for over 150 years. We are committed to the development of agriculture and to adding value to your farming business. We have a range of specialised products and services, including the support of our agricultural advisors and business managers.

We believe that you should expect more than just banking products from your bank. This is why we have a team of agricultural specialists to advise you on a range of areas related to your agricultural business. Although most of the products are available to all clients, our business will mostly focus on Agricultural clients who visit the site. These include savings and investment products, as well as short, medium and long term loans


  • Create expansion capacity for the farmer; he does not have to use his own funds.
  • The agricultural business manager or a specialised banker with a sound knowledge of agriculture, manage the relationship between the bank and the client.
  • Agricultural advisers give advice on Business banking, compilation of comprehensive agricultural reports, and also advise on strategic planning and expansion programmes.
  • Provide price risk management tools to producers, processors and traders.


  • Provision of information through the our Bizconnect Portal and Finance & Farmers manual
  • Differentiated banking services: Crop and livestock insurance, assurance products, commodities trading, wealth creation and estate planning.
  • Structured advances and loans to finance the acquisition of property, financing of equipment or fund operating expenses.
  • Black Economic Empowerment (BEE): To create an economically sustainable black business sector.


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