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As South Africa’s market leader in commercial and business banking, we have developed an extensive range of financial solutions to cater to your particular sector’s needs and circumstances. Our key focus is on delivering transactional efficiency and innovation, progressive online solutions and effective process management.

We also aim to provide you with a number of value-added services, based on a holistic understanding of your requirements. In doing so, we will provide you with cost-effective solutions that will assist you to manage your operations, cash flow and transactions. These include:

  • Current Accounts

    A current account is a transactional tool that allows you to make deposits, withdrawals and payments to third parties using various channels. You can also receive payments from your customers. The current account is simple to manage and allows you to transact in the way that is most convenient for you, from traditional branch banking to our advanced electronic services.

  • Cash and liquidity management solutions

    Standard Bank’s experienced liquidity management team will provide you with the best solution to help you meet your financial obligations, as and when they are due, through careful management of liquid assets. Our innovative liquidity management solutions will help you to:

    • Make funds available in the right account/s at the right time
    • Minimise overdraft costs
    • Maximise your interest income.

    To ensure effective liquidity management, visibility and control of all operational balances is required. Consolidated balance reporting combines all your cash balances across banks, currencies and countries, providing you with a tool to view your overall cash position.

  • Electronic banking solutions

    Business Online, Standard Bank’s stable, highly-rated electronic banking platform is compatible with a variety of software and can manage an entire cash management cycle in a secure manner. With Business Online you can manage your accounts, make payments, collect funds, reconcile receipts and optimise interest earned through effective liquidity management.

  • Collection of funds

    One of the challenges faced by the public sector is the collection of funds. We have a range of ancillary services to assist you in this regard, including:

    • Cash receipts – can be deposited into your bank account at our branches, ATMs or cash centres.
    • AutoSafes – these cash-accepting terminals provide a safe and efficient collection solution.
    • Card-acquiring solutions (point-of-sale devices) – can be tailored to meet your needs in terms of anticipated volumes, transactional values and business channels, for example, website, telephone or over-the-counter.
    • Pay@ is an independent service that offers a convenient, secure and alternative bill payment offering at selected national retailers in South Africa, including Shoprite, Checkers, Pick n Pay and Spar. Our partnership with Pay@ gives Bill Issuers like yourself exclusive access to their retail outlet network, adding in excess of 3 000 points of presence for payment facilitation.  Not only does this significantly expand your payment points and increase your potential collection rate, it offers your consumers a convenient way to pay, beyond your traditional payment channels.
  • Saving and investing

    We offer you a choice of savings and investment products to meet your specific needs. These include:

    • Call deposits: This is a demand deposit investment account that earns you preferential interest while giving you immediate access to your funds.
    • MoneyMarket Call accounts: A MoneyMarket Call account is a premium demand deposit investment account that earns competitive interest rates while giving you immediate access to your funds.
    • Notice deposits: A 32-day notice deposit is an investment account that earns interest at attractive rates, but needs 32 days’ notice on any full or partial withdrawal. This account is ideal for investors who want to earn higher interest rates and do not need immediate access to their funds.
    • Fixed deposits: A fixed deposit is an investment account that pays a fixed interest rate on a set amount for a specified period. Funds cannot be deposited or withdrawn from a fixed deposit account during the investment period.
    • Stanlib offering: Offers a wide range of solutions public sector clients in need of medium to long term investments. Depending on the specific needs of a client, a tailor-made segregated product can be designed. Public Sector clients can invest their money into a segregate portfolio ,where the structure is built around their objectives and considerations under the guidance PFMA/MFMA.This is targeted at clients who are looking for a long-term investments. Ideally the client should be able to investment a minimum of R500 million.
      A segregated portfolio offers:
            A tailored approach
            Direct ownership (of shares and assets)
            Active management (by a portfolio manager)
    • Liberty life offering: Standard Bank holds a controlling interest in Liberty Holdings Limited and through this partnership provides access to specialised financial solutions for the Bank’s corporate and institutional clients.

      Corporate Consulting, a specialist division within Liberty Corporate, offers holistic consulting solutions with respect to defined benefit liabilities and the associated risks. An experienced team of actuarial, legal, and finance specialists, develop and implement tailor made solutions which meet the needs of the corporate client. The outcome provides improved processes and strengthened balance sheets and income statements. Corporate Consulting offers the annual Grap25 valuation of these liabilities at attractive rates specifically negotiated for the Bank’s clients.

  • Borrowing

    In terms of funding, we offer both short- and long-term finance options. Funding structures offered include bonds, medium-term loans, operating and financial leases and are offered for periods of between 3 and 15 years. Our staff will engage with you to understand your credit requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution to meet your borrowing requirements.

  • Fleet management solutions

    Our fleet solutions are designed to provide fleet owners with a full range of specialised products and services to control and manage their fleets more effectively. Various categories of fleet expenses can be managed and invoiced through a single fleet management account, helping you to keep tight control of your motor vehicle expenses.

  • Vehicle and Asset Finance

    Standard Bank Vehicle and Asset Finance is one of the leading vehicle and capital equipment financiers for business in South Africa. 

    Our dedicated team of experts will assist you with financing any vehicle or asset and can arrange a comprehensive funding package to suit your unique needs. We specialise in the fields of Transport, Mining, Agriculture, Construction, Franchising, Public Sector, Aviation, Medical, I.T and Fleet Management Services. Asset finance is critical to any business as it assists with cash flow management. 

    So whether your business needs a new delivery van, a flat bed truck, or capital equipment, we are here to arrange a great deal for you.

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