Your business is all about people, whether it’s meeting customers onsite or training staff on the job, so we have developed a range of solutions to cater to your unique needs and circumstances as a Tradesman. To help grow a business like yours we aim to provide you with banking solutions for you to run your business efficiently and to keep it sustainable.

Below you’ll find an overview of the products and services we offer – you’ll soon see we’ll have plenty to talk about when we meet

  • Blu Mobi

    Blu Mobi:
    An innovative, mobile point-of-sale solution that allows you to process PIN- based Debit and Credit card payments using your smartphone or tablet.
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  • Snap Scan

    Snap Scan: 
    A convenient QR  - based payment option for your customers. 
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  • Vehicle and Assets Finance

    Vehicle and Asset Finance: 
    Find the ideal asset finance solution, whether you’re in need of a single utility vehicle or need to manage an entire fleet. Our discounted rates and deposit free solutions are perfect for your business 
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  • Business Loans

    Business Loans:
    Our Business Lending gives you multiple options that can be tailored to your business’s cash flow needs
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  • Mobile Banking

    Mobile Banking:
    We offer a range of mobile and Internet banking options to make doing business simpler, from the comfort of your home.
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  • Holistic Financial Planning

    Holistic Financial Planning 
    Our customised offering is designed to protect you and your business against risk and includes Key Man Insurance, Business Insurance, Life Insurance and more! Our financial consultants will customize cover that meets both your personal and business needs. All we ask is for you to meet with one of our SBFC consultants to see what we can offer you.

  • Pay Card

    Pay card:
    PayCard offers you the convenience of cash with the security of a card. Just load the prepaid, PIN-protected card with cash, set the daily limit on spending, and you can use it anywhere.
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  • InstantMoney

    You can send money directly to someone’s cellphone, even if they don’t have a bank account. They can redeem this at all Standard Bank ATM’s or Instant Money access points.
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