Q: I don't have a document reflecting my residential address. What now?
A: A utility bill (such as that which you get for water and lights) should show your property's stand/erf number. We are able to accept this as long as your name is on it.

If you are living with the person who owns or rents the home, they should confirm to us in writing the relationship between the two of you, the address and their date of birth and identity number. This must be accompanied by an acceptable document showing their name and residential address. Here is a template for the letter.

A married couple need only present their marriage certificate.

Q: I have several accounts at Standard Bank. Do I need to go through this process for every account?
A: No. As long as your accounts are all held within Standard Bank, then you only need to go through this process once. Stanlib accounts are unfortunately not included in this process.

Q: By when does the bank need to verify my identity?
A: There are various categories of customers need to be re-identified within different timelines. However, the bulk has a deadline of September 2005.

Q: What happens if I do not bring in the necessary documents?
A: FICA requires us to restrict the transactions on your account.

Q: I don't have a Telkom account. Is my cellphone account acceptable instead?
A: Yes.

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