AccessBanking Overview

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If convenience, simplicity and value are what you are looking for, then the AccessBanking is perfect for you. With AccessBanking there is a banking solution to suit your every banking need. Banking so simple it just makes sense!

We offer you the following AccessBanking:

  • AccessAccount- Access to convenient, efficient and flexible everyday banking
  • AccessSave- Saving for something that you need or want
  • AccessLoans - A loan that allows you to buy or pay for something that is important to you at a personalised interest rate
  • AccessProtect- A funeral plan for you and your family in the event of death
  • AccessHome-finance solution A home that will help you purchase a new home or make changes to your current home
  • AccessCredit- credit Get access toimmediately for emergencies with a credit card

Do your banking conveniently anytime using:
• AccessPoints (dial *120*2345*67# to locate your nearest AccessPoint)
• Cellphone Banking

Contact our customer care line on 0860 123 000 or visit your nearest branch, AccessPoint or AccessBanking centre for any queries! Convenient, affordable banking is now within your reach.

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