AccessPoint icon_100x140.gifGet access to your money anytime, anywhere. You no longer have to worry about travelling long distances to do your banking. With our AccessPoints, your banking is made simpler and more accessible.

With AccessPoints located throughout the country, you can now do a cash in or cash out transaction at a shop in your community, anytime. Standard Bank AccessPoints include spaza shops, taverns, butcheries, petrol stations, cash and carry stores and many more. Look out for the Standard Bank sign at shops in your neighbourhood!


  • Cash-in (put cash into your account using your standard bank debit card) and Cash-out (using your Standard bank or any other bank card)
  • You can pay for your purchases at the store using your AccessAccount debit card
  • Get an account balance print out
  • Buy prepaid airtime and, in many municipalities, buy prepaid electricity
  • Send cash safely and quickly to friends or family without a bank account using the AccessPoint money transfer service

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