Managing your credit card

Paying your account

  • Your credit card statement shows the minimum payment amount, as well as the date on which it is due.
  • The minimum payment is 3% of the outstanding balance or R 25 – whichever is greater – plus any budget instalments. The exception is our MasterCard Blue Online (unembossed) Credit Card, where the minimum payment is 10% of the outstanding balance or R 100, whichever is the greater, plus any budget instalments.
  • he minimum payment for an Access Credit Card is mandatory and is calculated at 3% of the credit limit or R 25, whichever is greater.
  • if your minimum monthly payment is not made on time, you will be charged a late payment fee. Check our credit card pricing guide (PDF) for details.


  • One card, one limit

    We combined revolving and budget credit limits – so now you can decide how you want to use your card.

    Our cards have a single credit limit which you can use either as a straight or a budget credit limit. This means that you have the freedom to choose to spend in any combination of straight and budget purchases up to your total limit.

    Increasing your account credit limit

    • You can apply for a credit limit increase six months after your get your card, and every six months thereafter.
    • Any increase will be based on your card account and your credit history.
    • To apply for an increase, call us on 0861 201 000. 

    Temporary limit increase

    • If you need a higher credit limit for a specific period, you can apply for a temporary increase.
    • The limit will revert to its original level at the end of the specified period.
    • To apply for a temporary increase, call us on 0861 201 000.


  • Statements

    • Statements are sent monthly as posted statements or e-statements sent directly to your e-mail address. If you do not receive a statement, please call us on 0861 201 000. Please get in touch with us the moment your postal or e-mail address changes.
    • You can an interim statement at any Standard Bank ATM, branch, or via Internet banking.
    • Check your statements each month to make sure that all transactions were made by you or with your authority, and that all payments are shown.

    Your credit card statement contains several types of information, including:

      • Revolving / budget credit limit
      • Available revolving  / budget credit
      • Revolving / budget credit balance
      • Minimum repayment and due date
      • Account credit limit
      • Account available credit
      • Account balance (straight and budget balances)
      • Interest rate details


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