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The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (SBSA)

Issuer Credit Rating at Issue: AA+ (zaf)
Status: Deposit (senior debt)
Maturity: 5 years
Maturity Date: 5 November 2013
Interest: 3-month JIBAR + 0. 30% paid quarterly in arrears
Current JSE price: Price
Pricing at Issue: 100% of par
Listing: JSE (SBR003)
Market Making: Indicatively, SBSA will post a bid of 25bps on the theoretical price (99.75 - 100.00)
Minimum deposit on primary offering: R10 000 (100 Notes of R100 each)
Minimum trading denomination: R100
  • SBR003 has been issued for a term of five years and pays interest quarterly. The interest rate on the Retail Notes is a floating rate referenced to three-month JIBAR
  • The Retail Notes are listed and tradeable on the JSE and, while issued for a five-year term, can be sold on the JSE including to Standard Bank at any time.

Why floating rate notes?

  • The interest payable on the Retail Notes is a floating rate. Accordingly, the return on the Retail Notes will be reset every three months on each interest payment date for the next interest period
  • Floating rate notes reduce interest rate risk.

To purchase or trade Retail Notes:

  • Contact your JSE broker
  • Open your own JSE broker account online with Online Share Trading
  • Contact the Online Share Trading Helpline on 0860 121 161.

To contact the issuer:

  • Contact the Money Markets desk on +27 11 378 8209.

For information contact

  • Sisa Mayekiso (+27 11 378 8209).


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