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Africa is our home, we drive her growth

Standard Bank Group, in partnership with ICBC, hosted its annual Africa Investors’ Conference (AIC) in London from 19 to 21 June this year. 

The three-day conference, now in its ninth year, provides a platform for some of Africa’s top corporate companies, institutional investors and African policymakers to have insightful discussions on the opportunities Africa presents.   

Top calibre corporates were once again in attendance, with representatives from Angola, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania and Zambia taking part. A broad range of sectors was also represented, including financial services, mining, construction, chemicals, hotels, leisure, telecoms, food and retail. 

Bringing investors together

“The Africa Investors’ conference is a key platform to connect Africa to the world and the world to Africa,” says Gert Vogel, CEO of Standard Advisory London Limited. “Our role is to both build relationships with international clients seeking to grow their operations in Africa and to provide access for African clients to International markets.” 

“Bringing together top African corporates, State Owned Enterprises and influential policymakers, as well as some of the world’s biggest institutional investors, the conference provides the perfect environment to discuss the potential and opportunities that are driving growth in Africa.  Our success in fuelling this growth is ultimately the continent’s success”, says Vogel. 

Creating opportunities for development

According to Kenny Fihla, Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking for Standard Bank Group, “Sub-Saharan Africa is at the cusp of a major economic transformation, largely driven by oil and gas developments. This includes the development of oil infrastructure in Uganda through to Tanzania and Kenya, as well as investment in the gas sector in Mozambique.” 

“In West Africa, we are seeing the restructuring of energy in Nigeria and a return to normalcy in Angola. This includes positive shifts in the political environment in Angola, alongside South Africa, Zimbabwe and Kenya.” 

“For these opportunities to be realized, Africa needs to capture the international flows that sit outside the continent. As a consequence, the networking opportunities generated with investors and corporates at our Africa Investors conference are extensive”, he continues. 

“It creates opportunities for our African clients who are seeking to access pools of capital, particularly from the international markets, to meet with investors, showcase their businesses and explain the opportunities that are available in the African context.”

"A wealth of resources, a booming consumer population and advancing in industrial and technological development, Africa offers vast growth opportunities. Unlocking Africa’s potential requires growth capital and it’s exciting to be playing a part in driving Africa’s growth” Fihla concludes. 

Leading the way across Africa

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