Providing stability so you can reach for success

There is always opportunity to grow in the face of change. But your roots need to be strong and your centre resilient.

“One can’t invest in averages. Every project happens in a specific industry and a specific place. And the more diversified and less risky a portfolio gets, the smaller the return.  So it follows that the real-life, diverse, unpredictable Africa – not the Africa of statistical averages - remains complicated to navigate,” commented Kenny Fihla, Chief Executive, Corporate and Investment Banking, Standard Bank.  “When it comes to investing successfully in Africa, or to raising capital for African corporations and sovereigns, there are no substitutes for expert insight, detailed local knowledge, and strong networks.“   

Standard Bank has remained steadfastly committed to our home continent through periods of great volatility and change in Africa. We know that trust is the most powerful currency, and that long and stable partnerships hold the greatest value. We are a trusted partner to organisations building a brighter future across the continent, who understand that real progress is rooted in providing the stability for people to reach out, embrace change and seek success. 

Standard Bank – a trusted partner for growth on this continent we call home.
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