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For 2017, the World Economic Forum on Africa (Durban, South Africa, 3 - 5 May 2017) agenda will be guided by the theme “Achieving Inclusive Growth”. Regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society will consider the opportunities and challenges facing the continent, against a backdrop of lower growth, mixed outlooks and developmental challenges.   

Economic growth is vital to sustained progress and inclusive growth. Standard Bank’s strategic focus on Africa, our home, makes us a key partner in driving real progress across the continent. With a presence in 20 African countries, leading banking capabilities and balance sheet strength, we deliver financial services that meet the needs of diverse clients, from individuals, small and medium enterprises, to corporations, governments and regional organisations. We link our clients to global trade corridors and key financial centres, supporting sustainable, job-creating growth and wealth creation, and driving deeper integration of African economies into the global economy.   

In saying ‘Africa is our home, we drive her growth’, we understand our responsibility to go beyond banking; we add value by providing exposure, information and expertise to our clients to foster an environment that facilitates their growth and success.   

As we offer informed perspectives on key economies and regions across Africa, and provide universal banking solutions that help move individuals, companies and countries forward, Standard Bank drives the conversations that unlock Africa’s potential.

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