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Africa’s growing economies and middle-class are creating attractive opportunities for Global and local institutional investors to invest in African capital markets resulting in increasing demand for Investor Services. However, African capital markets are not without its complexities and challenges. That’s why you need a partner that is adept at maximising your growth potential while minimising your exposure to risk.
At Standard Bank, we leverage our deep understanding of the investment life cycle and our extensive on-the-ground presence across the African continent to enable local and global investors to navigate the markets and maximise growth opportunities.

Our detailed African market knowledge, deep balance sheets and access to global capital markets, ensure that our clients are equipped to meet the capital and investment challenges associated with developing capital markets.

Our Expertise

With on-the-ground capabilities in 20 key African markets, we are uniquely positioned to assist our clients in understanding and managing the challenges associated with each of these markets – as well as the broader permutations and nuances of intra-African capital and liquidity challenges across and between markets.

When it comes to Investor Services, Standard Bank is actively involved in building Africa’s capital market infrastructure and capability by supporting the growth of domestic exchanges along with the settlements, payments and systems aimed at effectively leveraging Africa’s savings, pensions and insurance sectors.

In selecting us as your partner, you’ll have access to:

A Universal Banking Eco-System: By enabling portfolio and FDI flows, domestic and cross-border investment, income, payments, insurance, savings, and pensions, we provide custody, Trustee, Fund Services, securities lending and Derivative Clearing services in more than 14 markets across Africa.

Intra-Africa Cross-border Capabilities: Our commitment to Investor Services and our client-centric mind set – reflected in the expansion of our network across Africa; the time we spend in understanding specific requirements; and our ongoing investment in people and technology – translate into bespoke yet simple solutions.
Global Linkages: Our global footprint, coupled with ICBC’s 20% shareholding in Standard Bank, places us in a unique position to help you manage and grow trade, investment and payment flows – in Renminbi – between Africa and Asia, the world’s two fastest growing regions.

Our Services

We offer a range of well-established services:

Domestic and Regional Custody: Regional custody network service capabilities in 11 sub-Saharan Africa markets including South Africa covering settlement and asset services for local equities, bonds and money market instruments
Global Custody: Global custody services in 101 international markets through our alliance with the Bank of New York Mellon
Market Services - Securities borrowing and lending and derivatives clearing
Fund Services 

  • Trustee services
  • Investment administration: Including investment accounting, compliance monitoring and performance measurement

IS Online : Electronic access to custody and settlement information for assets held at our Investor Services division
Transition management
Cash management solutions

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Contact us for information on Investor Services available throughout Africa. For further information on any of our products and services, email [email protected]


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