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New market opportunities in Africa

Multinationals and companies operating in saturated markets, which are seeking new revenue sources, can now consider expansion into Africa as a real option.

Africa’s large and youthful population, upward urban growth trajectory, socially-connected mobile users, untapped physical resources and the deepening of the financial sector have been identified as key trends propelling the African economy into the future.

Led by a well-established team, Standard Bank’s Consumer sector team has the ability to unlock attractive African potential for businesses seeking new markets with a partner who can offer sound commercial navigation and balance-sheet backing.

We offer clients access to local intelligence plus a roadmap, financial support and commercial insight to capitalise on the opportunities that will drive their strategy and the local economy forward. Our resident, regional teams have the necessary in-country experience and commercial expertise to offer investors a single point-of-entry service across a number of products, geographies, industries and sectors.  This allows us to connect our clients to opportunities in, for and across Africa. As a result, clients seeking to break into Africa are offered a wealth of experience based on in-depth knowledge and strong local partnerships forged over the past 150 years.

With relevant local knowledge of sub-Saharan African markets and a strategic footprint in 20 African countries, we cover the full consumer value chain across the continent. Our well-established and expert team is the right partner to unlock attractive African potential for businesses seeking new markets.

Standard Bank identifies untapped opportunities in the Soft Drinks market in Africa

Financing the planet’s future food supply

About 60% of the world’s uncultivated land lies in Africa, much of it blessed with abundant resources including water and labour. There is considerable scope for expansion of this vital sector in Africa’s growth and development. 

Higher production would also boost the agro-industry sector, which includes traders, processors, packers and exporters, and suppliers of agricultural commodities such as machinery, seeds, chemicals, irrigation systems and related equipment.

The need for greater regional food security will spur future development, enhancing Africa’s position as a burgeoning global supplier. Agribusiness players often diversify their operations, providing infrastructure and employment which stimulate middle class formation and have a far-reaching impact due to the multiplier effect. The growth of agribusiness in Africa is closely aligned to power and infrastructure development.

Institutional regulation and economic freedom vary widely across Africa. Given this complexity, our specialist business teams in 20 African countries understand the regulatory environment and are well-positioned to identify suitable local partners and evaluate opportunity against risk.

The African consumer – the new market opportunity

Africa is the second largest and second most populous continent on earth, with a population expected to reach 1.4 billion by 2025. It also has the fastest-growing consuming middle class in the world.

FMCG multinationals looking for new sources of growth will find an attractive and receptive market in Africa, where a large portion of disposable income is currently spent on primary and secondary food products and beverages, and where the demand for non-food commodities such as personal care products is expected to increase in the years ahead.

In this era of rapid change, traditional business models have had to make way for more flexible and innovative solutions. Our substantial investment in technology and digital platforms enables us to offer our clients forward-looking solutions that meet their demands for convenient and accessible services in out-of-town locations.

Our regional expertise and deeply-honed skills will be of value to multinationals who have Africa in their sights. We offer insight and expertise in sectors relevant to real growth and development on the continent, backed by our universal banking capabilities available in key growth regions in sub-Saharan Africa. With Standard Bank as your financial services partner, companies and investors can access the opportunities and navigate the risks when working in Africa.

Real growth for retailers

Africa  is  urbanizing  fast.  Its  rate  of  urbanization  soared  from  15%  in 1960 to 40% in 2010, and is projected to reach 50% in 2030  (UN Habitat 2010).  This impressive rate of urbanisation coupled with a flourishing middle class is driving the transformation of formal retail on the continent.

Increasingly global retailers (Carrefour, Inditex, Massmart, H&M) and local retailers (Choppies, Shoprite, Massmart) are entering the different African markets in pursuant of the young and upwardly mobile African consumer.

Africa thus presents an potentially sizeable though rapidly changing landscape for formal retail, requiring retailers to formulate innovative and often collaborative-based strategies towards establishing a sustainable market presence. The African retail landscape presents unique logistical challenges in sourcing and distributing merchandise, transacting in cash and mobile payments with customers, managing store infrastructure in low infrastructure cities and managing forex volatility.

Standard Bank has the product capabilities and retail industry expertise to enable our retail clients and investors to effectively tackle these challenges and build a sustainable retail footprint on the continent. 

We leverage the full capabilities of Standard Bank where needed, and develop innovative and flexible solutions for clients across the key product areas of:

Transactional Products and Services

  • Payments
  • Collections
  • Reconciliation solutions
  • Liquidity management
  • Guarantees
  • Letters of credit
  • Investor services  (custody and trustee services)

Investment Banking

  • Advisory
  • Equity capital markets
  • Debt primary markets
  • Project and export finance
  • Securitisation
  • Structured debt solutions
  • Structured trade and commodity finance

Global Markets

  • Foreign exchange
  • Commodities
  • Credit
  • Interest rates (including Money Markets)
  • Equities

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Head, Consumer Client Coverage
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Executive, FMCG
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Junaid Jadwat
Executive, Agribusiness
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Khetha Mazibuko
Head, Retail

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East Africa
Oscar Kang’oro
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The Americas
Mark Chiaviello
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Olu Delano
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Why talk to us?
  • We are an African bank with a strategic focus on the continent.
  • We have unique expertise in sectors relevant to real growth and development in Africa, along with an understanding of local conditions and risks.
  • A dedicated relationship manager functions as each client’s dedicated banking partner, and draws on expertise across all product areas in the bank and the relevant specialist sector team to provide a full service to our clients.
  • We unlock attractive African potential for businesses seeking new markets.
  • We utilise our local knowledge and expertise to anticipate challenges and support actions to overcome them.
  • We offer expert-led access to Pan-African opportunities while understanding and helping you navigate the risks.
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